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Excelsior College

Ben Sheehy is currently studying Computer Science at Excelsior College. Ben wanted to go back to school in order to further his professional career and decided that Excelsior’s School of Business and Technology was the route to take.

Excelsior is a private, virtual university that operates as a non-profit. Its headquarters are located in Albany, New York and is a member of the University of the State of New York. Offering both undergrad and graduate degrees, the college is comprised of five schools.

After being founded in 1971 as an external degree program for the NY State Board of Regents, it was funded by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation. It was originally called Regents College and operated under this name until 1998. In that year, however, the Board of Regents awarded the college its own charter; since then, it has operated as an independent institution.

In 2001, the name was changed to Excelsior College; it currently has more than 35,000 students.

Academically, Excelsior is known for having highly-transferrable credits to other colleges – Excelsior itself doesn’t put a limit on the amount of credits that can be transferred.

As a recognized member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium, Excelsior is dedicated to helping Service men and women earn college degrees. It has been nominated as one of the top military-friendly schools in the country.