What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service provider that automates enterprise IT operations. It helps to centralize all of the IT processes within your organization while also providing you with a record for all these processes. It works as a productivity tool; ServiceNow is not to be used by one particular type of business user but a wide-variety of users.

Built on the IT nfrastructure Library v3 platform, ServiceNow is designed to offer you flexibility when building an IT solution. Operating as a cloud service, the Service Desk is accessible through any web browser.

One way that ServiceNow is different than other IT support systems is that it has become a form of social IT. It has made your IT solutions live, allowing you to chat with your support team instantaneously. This not only makes your employees more productive but it also lowers your support costs.

The Service Desk is a simple, efficient way for your employees to request help on their IT needs. It was modeled to be similar to the way that you make purchases online (and we’ve all bought at least something online).

ServiceNow also provides the user and the support team with feedback, showing them how well services are performing. For more information about ServiceNow, check out its website.